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What's In Our Fire Risk Assessment Inspection Report?

Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Strategy Is A Legal Requirement To Meet The RRFSO 2005, BS 9999: 2017, PAS 79: 2012 & Insurance LPCB - Our Fire Risk Assessment Inspection Reports Are Conducted by 28+ Years Ex-Fire Service Consultants & IFE Accredited Life Safety Fire Risk Assessors.


What's In Your Fire Risk Assessment?

Firstly, we conduct our inspections to comply with:
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire) (Safety) Order 2005
  • The Building Regulations 2010 ADBv2: Fire Safety: 2010
  • The British Standards 9999: 2017

Our reporting contents are as follows:
  1. Front Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Assessed Premises Details
  4. Company Premises Details
  5. Responsible Persons
  6. Control Measures
  7. Fire Safety Legislation Introduction
  8. Fire Hazards & Fire Risk Descriptions
  9. Fire Risk Categories
  10. Fire Risk Formula
  11. Hazards, Risks & Risk Control Measures
  12. What To Do Next
  13. Addressing or Completing Fire Hazards or Risks
  14. Annual Services Due
  15. British Standards & Regulations Guidance
  16. Fire Risk Factor Ratings
  17. Fire Rating Calculations
  18. Images & Images Descriptions
  19. Manager Notes for Completing Works
  20. Author Notes for Addressing Report
  21. Emergency Strategy Plan
  22. Fire Safety Policy
  23. Fire Precaution Methods
  24. Emergency Operator Information
  25. Weekly Fire Alarm Test Form
  26. General Housekeeping - Fire Hazards
  27. General Housekeeping - Fire Doors
  28. General Housekeeping - Safety Signs & Notices
  29. Bomb Threat Procedures
  30. Bomb Threat Checklist
  31. Hot Works Permit Procedures
  32. Hot Works Permit Application Form

Our reports are comprehensive, colourful and informative.
Our reports are easy to understand and easily managed.

If you need help with your fire risk assessment:-
Just call or email - we will always be happy to assist you further.

Note: There Are Many..!

1. Pretty looking - fire risk assessments
2. Yes/ No tick box - fire risk assessments
3. Lots of pictures but little time on-site - fire risk assessments
4. Non-sensible or repeated information - fire risk assessments

The majority of the above styles have little or no substance, except to look good..!

By-law, an fire risk assessment shall be easy to understand by the end-user..!
By-law, an fire risk assessment shall be easily manageable by the end-user..!

This means providing suitable clear guidance to allow end-users to manage their report.
As opposed to many reports that scare/ worry users - meaning reports get ignored or thrown in the top drawer..!

You will find our reports meet & exceed your expectations.
Colourful, detailed, organised, clear & concise or (short & to the point), and with suitable images.
We reflect your premises accurately, to enable you to manage the report appropriately.

MG Fire Safety Group Fire Risk Assessors: Multi-Skilled & Qualified

1. 28+ Years Ex-Fire Service Fire-Fighters & Fire Safety Consultants
2. Qualified IFE Fire Risk Assessors
3. Qualified Fire Door Surveyors
4. Qualified Passive Fire Protection Surveyors
5. Qualified Fire Extinguisher Technicians

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