Intumescent Sealants

Designed to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, intumescent sealant will swell on exposure to extreme temperatures to create an effective barrier to flames and smoke. Intumescent sealant is generally applied to fire doors, windows, cables, pipes, joints, voids and other small holes through which fire could potentially spread. Investing in this product for your premises is a highly effective way to protect your building in the event of a fire, and could significantly reduce the damage that a fire can cause.

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  • Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

    Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

    Pyroplex® Intumescent Acrylic Sealant is a one-part high modulus, halogen free material. The product is primarily designed for use in internal application. It is suitable for perimeter pointing around doors, windows, metallic services, and for use in low movement linear joints in walls and floors.
  • High Expansion Intumescent Sealant

    High Expansion Intumescent Sealant

    PFC Corofil High Expansion (HE) Intumescent Sealant is recommended for use around service penetrations in coated panels, masonry walls and concrete floors to produce a firestop.
  • Metal Skeleton Gun

    Metal Skeleton Gun

    Metal skeleton gun is ideal for use with intumescent plastic cartridges. 10" metal skeleton gun for use with most sealant dispensers. Accepts cartridges up to 410ml.
  • Non-Setting Putty

    Non-Setting Putty

    NS Fire® Putty is a solvent free putty for fire barriers up to 4 hours. It is designed as a joint filler and sealer for use in penetration seals.