Fire Safety Strategy - Fire Exits, Escape Routes & Occupancies

We Provide A Legal Fire Safety Strategy & Fire Safety Management Plan For All Business/ Council Premises. A Fire Risk Assessment Should Identify The Level You Require. We Can Assist You Further. Please Call 0800 999 8595.


Fire Exits, Fire Escape Routes & Fire Occupancies:

An separate fire risk strategy is required for every premises that requires:
  1. Numbers to be calculated to Building Regulations
  2. Numbers to be calculated to British Standards
  3. Fire & Rescue Service Authority Approvals
  4. Local Council Authority Approvals
  5. Building Control Approvals
  6. Licensing Approvals
  7. Insurance Approvals

That is to say:
  1. Nightclubs
  2. Pubs & Clubs
  3. Bars & Restaurants
  4. Cafe & Coffee Shops
  5. Schools, Academies & Universities
  6. Multi-Storey Offices/ Office Blocks
  7. Sports Stadia & Open Air Events
  8. Industrial & Warehousing Facilities
  9. Building Works & Staff Facilities
  10. Temporary Facilities & Outdoor Facilities

Example Of Numbers Calculated:
  • 02 - 30 Storeys where up-to 1200 persons (mixed-use) evacuations.
  • 30 - 120 Students pre-school & after school educational establishments.
  • 30 - 1200 Students evacuating ANY educational establishment.
  • 60 Persons & the seating layout for a restaurant, cafe or bar.
  • 60 to 1200 persons for a restaurant, cafe, bar, cinema or nightclub.
  • 60 to 120,000 persons for a sports stadium-evacuation & fire strategy.

The Cost Varies For Different Types Of Premises & Requires:
Detailed Information Prior To Attendance:-

Small Sites? (Upto 05 Persons)
These figures will be added into our Fire Risk Assessment.
This depends upon your operations and number of floors.

Medium Sites? (05-60 Persons)
These figures may be added into our Fire Risk Assessment.
This depends upon your operations and number of floors.

Large Sites? (More Than 60 Persons)
These figures require a separate Fire Safety Strategy.
This may detail the dimensions and legal requirements for:

1. Fire Exit Door Widths
2. Number Of Fire Escape Routes
3. Number Of Fire Exit Doors Required
4. Distances Of Travel
5. Number Of Floors
6. Number Of Stairways
7. Horizontal & Vertical Evacuation
8. Floor Space Factors & Assessment/ Measurements.

Fire Safety Strategy & Fire Safety Consultancy

MG Fire Safety Group @ 0800 999 8595 & Contact Us Online.


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