Fire Safety Equipment

MG Fire Safety Group provide a vast range of fire safety equipment. Our fire safety equipment is fully compliant to British Standards, The European Union Construction Conformity (CE) & KiteMarked where applicable & required.

1. Water Fire Extinguishers 
2. Foam Fire Extinguishers
3. Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
4. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
5. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
6. Fire Blankets
7. Fire Extinguisher Stands
8. Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
9. Fire Extinguisher Trolleys
10. Fire Warden Equipment
11. Fire Alarm Equipment
12. Fire Extinguisher Identity Signs
13. Fire Action Notices & Fire Action Signs
14. Fire Exit Signs, Fire Escape Signs & Fire Assembly Signs
15. Fire Safety Signs, Fire Warning Signs, Danger Safety Signs

We sell a complete range of fire safety products - all fire extinguishers are 5 years guaranteed..!
We only supply fully tested, checked & accredited equipment through our trusted UK trade suppliers.
Product & Indemnity insurance & Environmental Assurance Certifications Are Up-to-Date (Available On Request).

Our Fire Extinguishers For Sale:

1. British Standards KiteMark Tested, Approved & Certified.
2. Lloyds Register Tested, Approved & Certified.

We only sell here & through our on-site fire officer service attendance surveys or fire inspections.
This is always after inspection and with full quotation provided.

You will never find us (MG Fire Safety Group) selling anywhere else online.
This is to protect our brand, our suppliers brand & maintain service & supply quality assurance & data protection.

Fire safety doesn't end after a fire risk assessment inspection - It's time to select the correct fire safety products.

MG Fire Safety Group: Protecting Life, Property & Infrastructure: 0800 999 8595