Fire Protection Equipment

MG Fire Safety Group supply a complete range of specialist fire protection equipment such as:

1. Intumescent Smoke Seals
2. Intumescent Fire Strips
3. Intumescent Sealants
4. Intumescent Pillows
5. Intumescent Paint
6. Intumescent Putty
7. Intumescent Grilles
8. Intumescent Collars
9. Intumescent Letterplates
10. Fire Escape Mechanisms

Fire Protection Equipment Is Required For Multiple Reasons:

1. Reducing The Likelihood Of Fire Spread
2. Containing A Fire Within An Compartment
3. Reducing The Damage To A Building
4. Protecting Vital Documents & Assets
5. Maintaining Business Infrastructure
6. Assisting Fire-Fighting & Emergency Operations
7. Protecting Fire Service & Emergency Personnel
8. Building & Workplace Insurance Requirements
9. Protecting Staff, Visitors & Contractors
10. Compliance To The RRFSO 2005 & Building Regulations 2010

Our Fire Protection Equipment Complies:

1. British Standards 476
2. European Union (EU) Classes
3. Building Regulations & Article 38

All products supplied have undergone & passed all regulatory requirements for sale within the UK & EU.
Our standards & testing procedures are the highest in the world & we will only sell the best products. 

You will never find us (MG Fire Safety Group) selling anywhere else online.
This is to protect our brand, our suppliers brand & maintain service & supply quality assurance & data protection.

Fire protection doesn't end after a fire risk assessment inspection - it's time to select the correct fire products.

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