Fire Marshal/ Fire Warden Equipment

In order to be able to carry-out the duty of a fire warden & fire marshal, you need to be prepared. Training is not always enough to complete your vital role as a fire marshal or warden. It is therefore essential you equip yourselves with the necessary tools to enable you to carry-out your vital fire & safety role effectively to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire) (Safety) Order 2005.

Fire Marshals = Direct Large Crowds Of Persons To Safely Escape (Sports/ Concerts/ Stadia/ Large Venues etc).
Fire Wardens = Manage Fire Marshals & Staff Fire Safety & Evacuation Procedures For Offices, Shops, Large Workplaces etc.

Fire wardens are responsible for ensuring an suitable and safe evacuation of the premises, as well as maintaining life fire safety within the workplace. It is a legal requirement for fire wardens to be prominently recognisable to both staff, guests & visitors as well as the emergency services in the event of an emergency.

The tools below will help to alleviate the major responsibilities placed on the Fire Wardens or Fire Marshals shoulders. They will also assist the Manager or Director in Charge in meeting compliance to the Health & Safety At Work Regulations 1999.

Below are the common types of fire & safety equipment usually identified as required within our (MG Fire Safety Group) fire & health & safety risk assessments. If it's not listed below, we will probably have it in our brochure.

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  • Fire Warden Kit - Premium

    Fire Warden Kit - Premium

    This premium fire warden kit contains everything a fire warden or fire marshal should need to carry out their responsibility.
  • Fire Warden Kit - Basic

    Fire Warden Kit - Basic

    This economy fire warden kit carries the bare essentials required for a fire warden. It is packaged in a high visibility drawstring bag with a reflective strip.
  • Fire Warden Waistcoat

    Fire Warden Waistcoat

    Fire warden high visibility waistcoats give ultimate prominence to a fire warden as it gives them a large area of high visibility material
  • Photoluminescent Armband

    Photoluminescent Armband

    This reflective photoluminescent fire warden armband is a really useful item for fire wardens when coordinating evacuation procedures.
  • Fire Warden Cap - High Vis

    Fire Warden Cap - High Vis

    High visibility baseball caps are a good way to enable fire wardens to be identified in crowded conditions.
  • Emergency Pump Horn

    Emergency Pump Horn

    The pump action horn can be used to provide temporary cover during alarm installations and on building sites.
  • Megaphone


    Megaphones are largely used on sites where there is a likelihood of large crowds such as pubs, clubs, office blocks, museums, schools etc.
  • Emergency Gas Horn

    Emergency Gas Horn

    This gas horn has an aerosol that is free of hydro fluorocarbon gases. Use of aerosols containing these gases has been terminated by EU 517-2014 due to the Global Warming Potential (GWP).
  • Emergency Lightsticks - 30min

    Emergency Lightsticks - 30min

    Emergency lightsticks are a great light source in emergency situations. Our emergency lightsticks last an impressive 30 minutes.
  • Emergency Hammer

    Emergency Hammer

    The emergency hammer is a common and effective emergency escape tool. Used mostly in cars, coaches and buses.
  • Evacuation Chair

    Evacuation Chair

    This quick and easy to use, proven evacuation chair 'the eGO! chair' has been manufactured and tested to the highest standards.
  • Exit Stopper Door Alarm

    Exit Stopper Door Alarm

    This exit stopper door alarm can be easily fixed to a fire door to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Lettergard Letterbox

    Lettergard Letterbox

    Designed to suit standard sized British letterbox openings, this Letterguard box fits to the back of the door and has an automatic extinguisher in the top.
  • Document Cabinet - Slim Metal

    Document Cabinet - Slim Metal

    The slimline design of this metal document holder takes up a lot less room for fire safety document storage. Comes with lock and key.
  • Document Cabinet - Metal

    Document Cabinet - Metal

    This metal cabinet has a key lock operation which gives an added level of protection to important fire safety documents.
  • FireChief DoorWarden

    FireChief DoorWarden

    A wireless fire door stop which legally holds open a fire door until the fire alarm sounds. Fully compliant with BSEN 1155 and accepted by UK Fire Brigades.
  • First Aid Kit - Premium

    First Aid Kit - Premium

    This 10 person premium first aid kit has a superior outer casing. The box has an integrated carrying handle and a secure airtight lid which provides protection from dust and water.