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MG Fire Safety Group formed in 2005 to provide specialist fire safety services for ALL types of business.
That is to say - Commercial & Residential Business Premises

This was for two reasons:
1. To provide suitable life safety guidance to ensure legal life safety to the RRFSO 2005 for business.
2. To assist in the RRFSO 2005 fire safety regulations (increasing fire safety knowledge & site procedures).

It was evident that fire safety consultation & building control advice was required immediately in 2005.
It was also primarily evident that fire safety guidance was not being provided over favour of fire equipment installs.
That is to say - many were being ripped-off & being sold fire equipment (instead of real & legal fire safety advice).
We set about fire safety to set things straight - Fire policies & procedures over added fire equipment installations.

We are:
DILIGENT & PASSIONATE (1st & Foremost)

1. We want to work with you
2. We want to hear about your requirements
3. We want to make the suitable updates to your fire safety to help you
4. We want to help you make any required changes in good time albeit through (1-3) years
5. Please note: This may cost a few extra pounds (monetary or weight) but - 'hard work saves lives & business'..!

In-short, protecting life comes first & our knowledge & experience will enable you to manage your business.

See our FAQs (external fire safety website page & opens in new window)
Fire Safety in Slough - Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Guidance (fireriskassessmentslough.co.uk)

Our reports are comprehensive, colourful and informative.
Our reports are easy to understand and easily managed.

By-law: End-User Management Is Paramount:

This means providing suitable & clear fire safety guidance.
Allowing end-users to manage their fire report.
As opposed to 100+ page (small print) reports that hide info & worry users.
Meaning, too many pages can undoubtedly confuse the end-user..!

Our 60 Page FRA Reports Meet & Address 'The Law'.
Colourful, detailed, organised, clear & concise.
Short & to the point and with suitable images provided.
We enable you to manage the report appropriately & legally.
30 pages are designed for your ease of reference in managing your FRA requirements.

Fire Risk Assessors: Multi-Skilled & Qualified: Added Benefits:

1. 30+ Years Ex-Fire Service Fire-Fighters & Fire Safety Consultants.
2. Qualified & Experienced Passive Fire Protection Surveyors.
3. Qualified & Experienced Fire Extinguisher Technicians.
4. Qualified & Experienced Fire Door Safety Surveyors.
5. Qualified & Experienced Fire Safety Risk Assessors.

Our Fire Risk Assessors Knowledge & Experience:

A. Saves Lives & Protects Business
B. Manages Solicitor Legal Requirements
C. Manages & Maintains Business Insurance Costs
D. Complies To Local 'Building Control' Requirements
E. Complies To Local 'Fire & Council Authority' Requirements

Please note:
Costs Start @ £450.00 + £ 50.00 (Fire Officer Service Attendance) = £ 500.00 Total.
This applies to 2-storey HMO's & 2-Storey Blocks Of Flats.

Please note:
Costs Start @ £450.00 + £ 50.00 (Fire Officer Service Attendance) = £ 500.00 Total.
This applies to Single Storey Shops & Single Storey Offices.

Please also note:
Our fire risk assessments are designed to allow Responsible Persons (RPs) to conduct internal reviews (annually).
Saving you an annual FRA full visit charge. Our reports advise 3 yearly external FRA visits if 12 monthly reviewed.
That is to say, by utilising our site specific FRA report, you can save money every year whilst complying to the LAW.
This applies to all of our fire risk assessment reports (as assessed & detailed within each site specific FRA report).

Example: An office or medium sized shop will likely be able to adopt internal reviews after our first FRA report.
However, factories or warehouses or other larger type premises may need full FRA reports for 2 or 3 years.
Thus, allowing the RPs time to manage risks, reduce risks and then control risks & other fire hazards.
Thereafter, it would be hoped/ expected the site could then manage their own internal 12 monthly reviews.
Whilst adopting the 3 yearly external full FRA inspection for (peace of mind & legal & insurance requirements).
As small to medium sized offices & shops will be able to do after our 1st FRA inspection visit & document report.
It is expected suitable RPs can manage the common areas of blocks of flats for up to 3 years after our first FRA.

We try to help before we even get started - Saving life & fire safety is our passion - We want to help you.
We thoroughly enjoy working with like-minded people.

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